Vision & History

Our Vision

Our vision is to raise the bar for sign shops worldwide by providing tools to foster healthy competition and higher prices for sign work, which is traditionally undervalued. We strive to educate sign companies on how to properly value their work and as a result have healthier relationships with customers that are not based on the price of the work they produce, but rather on openness, honesty, and integrity.

We foresee a world in which sign shops charge fair and profitable prices and cutthroat competition, which ultimately devalues the entire sign industry, is largely eliminated - a world in which sign companies help one another to succeed in this exciting and ever evolving business!

Our History

EstiMate Software began as Ampersand Signs and Design in Asheville, North Carolina. Mark Smith, the owner of Ampersand Signs, struggled mightily with pricing his work and wrote EstiMate Sign Pricing Software as a way of getting himself to profitability. After turning around his own shop with EstiMate, he turned to a wider audience and brought it to market on April 15, 1999 - tax day (of course). :-)

Since 1999 EstiMate has grown through trade shows, magazine advertising, internet marketing and word of mouth to the place where we now have more than 15,000 registered users and feel that we are beginning to achieve the goals of our vision statement.

We are a small group of focused and committed people who are dedicated to bringing you the best software and customer service we can to assist you in creating massive profitability and healthy relationships with your own customers. Learn more about our team.