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EstiMate Desktop

Sign Pricing Software Built For Windows.

QuickBooks Link

Why Reinvent The Wheel?
The QuickBooks Link Connects The Best Pricing Software With The Best Accounting Software.

Import All Your Contacts From QuickBooks

You can import some or all of your QuickBooks contacts into EstiMate and synchronize them, easily.

Import Contacts From QuickBooks

Intelligent Conflict Resolution

QuickBooks Import Conflict Resolution Options

When you import your contacts from QuickBooks, you can select from four synchronization options for complete control of how your EstiMate contacts and your QuickBooks contacts work together.

Send Estimates And Jobs To QuickBooks

Estimates and Jobs that you send to QuickBooks can be sent over as Estimates, Invoices, or Sales Reciepts. It's as simple as selecting the way you want them to appear on the other side. EstiMate even synchronizes the contacts at the same time.

Once you've sent a transaction over to QuickBooks, it won't show up in the export list by default anymore so you can see what has and hasn't been sent.

Export Transactions To QuickBooks

Line Item Detail Comes Across Identically

The line items in your EstiMate files will transfer over to QuickBooks identically, and tied to the proper items in QuickBooks.

Line Items In EstiMate And QuickBooks Look The Same

The QuickBooks Link Speeds Everything Up

While by no means a "required" part of EstiMate, the QuickBooks Link is a monster time-saver and a great addition to your software.


  • QuickBooks 2002 or better, US Editions only
  • QuickBooks 2010 or better in Canada.