Our Team

Mark Smith

President and Software Developer

Mark Smith grew up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina with the smell of One Shot in all his pores. After watching his mother Myra struggle to build a sign shop in a competitive and cutthroat environment he ran away to Asheville and eventually started his own shop in 1993. Six years later EstiMate Sign Pricing Software was born out of sheer frustration with the way business was traditionally done in the industry.

Mark can usually be found reading, cooking or solving programming problems (which looks suspiciously like drinking a hot cup of coffee while staring off into space). He likes craft beers and good books.

Mark's programming blog can be found at www.colorfultyping.com

Mark's wife Jennifer has a skincare business called Skin TLC in Asheville, NC, offering facials, chemical peels, and Image Skincare products.

Nancy Peterson

Vice President and Accounts Manager

Nancy Peterson was born in Portland, OR and at 19 moved to Florida. After 20 years, she was ready for a change in environment and heard about a small software company that needed a sales rep. Nancy moved to Asheville, NC and came to work in December of 2001 for EstiMate. Nancy's position has evolved over the years and she is now the Vice President.

Nancy spends her spare time cooking, crafting and baking goodies for friends.

Phillip Komar

Technical Support Manager

Phillip Komar was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and being an Army brat has lived in many places since then. Most recently he relocated from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Asheville, North Carolina mainly because of his dislike for flat land and cold weather. Upon arriving in Asheville he took a job as a Case Manager at the Salvation Army. Although he found this job to be immensely rewarding (as helping people is his passion) something was still keeping him from total job satisfaction - a computer. After 2 years with the Salvation Army Phillip decided it was time to start looking for a job that included all of his interests (if such a job existed). After seeing an add in the local paper for a Technical Support position at EstiMate Software he knew he had found what he was looking for. 2 years later Phillip is now the Technical Support Manager for EstiMate Software where he enjoys helping people all while using a computer.

In his spare time Phillip can be found planted in front of his computer trying out new flavors of Linux, or hanging out with his family.